Give the Gift of Candle Making: All the Tools I Use to Make Candles

Give the Gift of Candle Making: All the Tools I Use to Make Candles

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I wanted to share with you the joy of making candles. For the last four years before launching my own business, I’ve spent a lot of time perfecting my craft. I am not a full on expert yet, but I will say that I have mastered a good portion of candle making. Without further a do, I would like to share with you the supplies I use to make candles.

1. Wax Melter

Having one of these melters will make the process of making candles a breeze. When I first started, I used the double boiler method which consisted of the pouring pitcher and a pot with water on a stove... It worked for the time, but as I progressed, I found that having a wax melter made things much much easier. And if someone were to tell me they are wanting to learn how to make candles, I will always tell them, to make sure they get one of these bad boys. It's a bit pricey in the beginning if you're on a budget, but it is definitely worth it if you're serious about starting a candle business.

2. Pouring Pitcher

Having a pouring pitcher is definitely a must in candle making. This particular one can hold up to 2 pounds of wax (which is equivalent to a little over 907 grams). Which I find to be the right size for learning how to make candles. This way you if you happen to mess up (which you will do a lot's part of learning), you will not waste so much wax when you do so. In turn, it's also a perfect size to make handling much easier. The kits I found online including larger pitchers which are great in the long run..However, in the beginning it is kind of weird to have such a huge pitcher to pour from. Hints why I am suggesting to start with a small pitcher.

3. Thermometer

This particular thermometer, I did not have in the beginning and I kinda wish I did! It's much easier to read and clearly much faster than a stick thermometer for sure. I spent so much time, reading the thermometer and then cooling it down just to use again etc etc. Let's just say its annoying. However, this will make things a bit easier for beginners to get the hang of things from the start. I use this exact thermometer currently and I can attest that it has made my life so much easier in my process and so much faster. I simply grab it and check for the temp before mixing in my fragrance. It's that simple!

4. Containers

Now we're on the fun part, shopping for jars! When starting out, having nice jars are not that important because you are in the learning process. However, it is important to know which jars to get and how to shop for them. Definitely want to start out cheap as possible with containers and of course make sure they are thick glass jars (I know, I know...But we gotta say these things because some people...welp you know). With jars, you don't want to go too big when starting out, because you'll find your self spending more money on jars, wax and more when your still learning. It's best to just get something that is no more than 8 ounces. Of course there are smaller sizes and even metal containers like the one below here:

Whichever one you choose to go with, either one will work great for beginners. Just keep mind to keep it small and simple.

5. Wax, Wicks and Wick Holder

This particular kit includes soy wax, wicks and wick holders all for a very fair prices. With the market being what it is currently, saving money is on everyone lists. Additionally, this kit is simple and will help keep out of pocket expenses low while you're still in the learning process. The amount of wax in this kit is the perfect about to make just about 22 seven ounce candles (eight ounce jars can hold up to seven ounces of wax) or 40 four ounce candles. Also, this kit includes plenty of wicks just in case you accidentally break one or two (trust me I've done that so many times) and the wick holders are definitely a plus. You can also purchase a larger set of wick holders by clicking here.

6. Fragrance Oils

The best part of candle making is the fragrances! This particular brand has a wonderful blend of fragrances and other sample kits that you can choose from. Which is great for starting out because you get to play around with different scents and even mix some to create a brand new scent. This is the part of candle making that brings out your creative side.

7. Scale

Before you can jump into making candles, it is very important to have a food scale handy. The reason being is that the wax and fragrance amount must be exact to make the perfect smelling candle. And so, if you already have one laying around in your kitchen, great! If not then this is a great time to invest in one.

8. Labels

When starting out, you'll find your self really excited to make candles and so you'll probably make a ton of different fragrances (I did) and then forget which one was which (like I did). This is the part where I wish I knew when I was just starting out and learning was to have labels. Unless of course, you're one of the few people that have labels around their home because everything is labeled already (which is great...I might need you help with my home though). But if you're anything like me, I do not have my whole life together in my home (not with six kids, a dog and a cat *heading shaking emoji insert here lol). Then you'll definitely need to invest in some labels. I personally use Online Labels products and online designers services. Their labels are great for laser and inkjet printers. Just be sure to purchase the right labels for whatever printer you may have. I create all of my labels and print them out myself. It definitely takes practice and time. But it makes making candles so much more fun and worth it. Especially when I see customers reactions to my finished products and the compliments on my labels.

Although, there are many candle making kits out there on the market, most of those kits are very basic. Which in turn may fit your needs. However, I found that in the long run, you'll end investing in most of this items above any way. So therefore, its best to get them early on verses later on in the game.

*Note: I am not affiliated nor sponsored by Online Labels. I am a currently customer and can only write about their products based on my own personal opinion.*

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