Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids: 2022

Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids: 2022

As a mother of two and step-mother of four, age range from six all the way up to sixteen. I find it difficult every year trying to figure out what everyone wants for Christmas. With all of the children having their own style and preferences, it can be crazy shopping for all of them at once (especially for teenagers who seem to always change their minds or never know what they want…But did we at their age? Nope!). And, so searching online for great and unique gift ideas has always been helpful for me. It is my goal to provide you the reader, that same gesture!

Without further ado, here is a list of cool gift ideas for your beautiful kiddos. (Please keep in mind that as an Amazon Associate I can earn commission from your purchase.)

1. Squishmallow Mystery Box

There cute cuddly little guys are super soft and currently a kid favorite right now. My stepdaughter currently has one of these little guys and they are exactly as advertise…Super soft and definitely cuddle worthy. Kelly Toys has created a line of lovable buddies made from Super soft marshmallow-like texture and polyester (and they’re machine washable). The 8” Mystery Pack contains three of their super soft cuddly Squishmallows. Their Mystery Squad Packs are pre-packed to contain assorted characters that are perfect gifts for any age. This is literally a perfect gift idea that any child will be excited to open Christmas morning.

2. Vtech Touch and Learn Activity Desk

I think this toy speaks for itself… When my children were very little, I was a stay at home mom and military wife… Being that we couldn’t afford daycare and the waiting list for on base day care was a year to over a year long, finding ways to teach my kids things I knew that would learn at day care and pre-school would be of use at home. And so, this education toy was definitely in use a lot with my kids. From daughter down to my son. And both of them enjoyed this toy very much.

This 3-in-1 Vtech Activity desk encourages creativity and learning with an interactive desktop, chalkboard and easel. Flip the desktop up to reveal compartments for easy storage for art supplies and masterpieces. Five included activity pages contain more than 200 touch and learn spots and help introduce letters, numbers, music, colors and more. The desk also comes with a stool perfectly sized for kids. This is a perfect gifts for children aged 24 months up to age five.

3. The Magical World of Disney Trivia

If you’re family is anything like mine, we do love ourselves a good family game night. With the ages of our children spanning up to ten years, we always look for something that is inclusive of all ages. With that being said, this Amazon exclusive board game does just that! This version includes 2 additional Character Movers for an eight-player game! It also includes kids cards that features easier questions and visuals of the characters so the whole family can play together according to their skill levels. This game also features 3D sculpted points of interest from the films, classic character mover pieces, a combination of Disney and Pixar original sketch art with two-thousand questions. The perfect game for super-fans and casual Disney viewers! This is definitely on my list for this years family gift!

4. Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Ultimate Ice Cream Truck Playset

Oh the memories of my daughter making the biggest mess with play-doh in my carpets no matter how many times I’ve placed her back onto the hard floor… She always found her way back to the carpets. But I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything else in the world. Just knowing that she was happy with her play-doh set made it all worth the clean-up. And if she was any younger than 16 years old, I would totally buy this for her. This is why, this play set made it to the list of great holiday gifts. As my daughter did (and at this moment saw what I was writing and her eyes lite up), I am sure your little one will enjoy this cool gift.

This Play-Doh ice cream truck play set allows kids to play pretend and makes the perfect place to express their imagination! They can make treats with the soft serve machine and scooping station, decorate with the sprinkle maker, tools, and molds, and ring up customers at the register featuring realistic sounds and music. The best part about this play set, is that it was designed with parents in mind! With the built-in storage and locking bin, its easier to keep it all organized (they definitely needed this feature years ago)! This is a great gift for children ages three years and up!

5. Lego Ninjago Dojo Temple

Legos is the most bought toy especially for the holidays because they are always jammed pack with tons of creativity and action for children ages eight and up. Kids can help train their heroes with this three-tiered LEGO NINJAGO Ninja Dojo Temple. This set features a training area and five rooms (Wu’s tearoom, Pixal’s workshop and an armory packed with weapons for endless play options). This set also includes Master Wu, Cole, Kai, Lloyd, Nya and Pixal, plus the snakes Boa Destructor and Cobra Mechanic with their rammer vehicle, to play out battle clashes. The perfect gift that will provide a full day of fun and entertainment for any child.

6. NERF Minecraft Stormlander Dart-Blasting Hammer

This toy is the icing to all toys for children who love Minecraft and Nerf toys! This dart-firing Nerf Minecraft hammer takes its inspiration from the hammer in Minecraft: Dungeons Storm into action and hammer the competition with darts! The dart-blasting Nerf Minecraft Stormlander hammer has a three-dart capacity and launches one dart at a time. Based on the reviews, this Nerf toy is fast shooting, shoots pretty far, and is better than the Nerf guns! I have to say that with my three step sons, this little baby will be on the top of my list of gifts this year.

Last but not least…

7. Imaginext DC Super Friends, Batbot Xtreme

The Imaginext toys are one of my favorite toys for children (outside of educational toys). Their products are not only fun for children but are also fun for parents. It brings our children’s favorite super heroes to life and as parents we enjoy watching our children explore their imaginations. Although my two children are teenagers now, I’m so grateful to have four step children (yes I believe this toy is perfect for both boy and girls) that I can share this experience with again.

This Batbot Xtreme is an Amazon exclusive product. This toy is over 2 ft-tall and comes with wings, punching fists, projectile launchers, a motorcycle, & a voice changer! Turn the Power Pad on located on the right shoulder to activate battle mode with extended wings and fists, then squeeze the triggers for super punching action! While in battle mode, kids can speak into the voice changer for some awesome voice effects! As much as I would love to go into detail about this particular toy, this is one that you’ll have to see in action for yourself.

Overall, whatever gift you decide to purchase for your little one, niece, nephew or grand child, just know that they will be the most appreciative of any gift they are given. If it was possible for me to list every thing on Amazon’s Holiday Toy List, I definitely would for sure. However, being that it would make this blog very long, I decided to just simply add the link to Amazon’s Holiday Toy List here for you to check out yourself. You can shop by age, character and category. Check out their list today and start your holiday shopping early.

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