1. When I first get my candle, it smells good but then once I burn them for a while I can't smell anything...Why is that?
  • Our candles are made in small batches. When we ship out our candles they were recently made. For candles to fully cure, they need at least 2 weeks. If in the first few days of burning your candles the hot throw is not strong, we suggest waiting a couple more weeks to try again.

       2. Do you make the candles yourself?

  • Yes, we make and hand pour every candle and wax melt ourselves.

            3. Are the ingredients in your products really natural ingredients and are they safe?

  • Yes they are. The wax use in all of our products are certified and tested to be natural wax, the wicks in our candles are non-toxic and provides less smoke when put out  and provides a slower burn. Additionally, the fragrance oils we use are also certified clean fragrances.

     4. If I sign-up for email subscriptions will I get emails everyday?

  • No. We understand that getting emails everyday from a company to shop with them is annoying and therefore we chose not to be that kind of company. And so, we opted to only send order confirmation emails, new product release(s) newsletter and emails regarding an upcoming sale.
  1. Do you sell outside of the U.S.? And so, how much is shipping?
  • Yes, we are currently registered to sell in Germany, United Kingdom, Mexico and Canada. The cost of shipping is based on the weight of the order and will be calculated at checkout. If there is a question or concern regarding shipping, please contact us at: customersupport@scentfullycandles.com