Meet Elan Jones, Founder and Owner of Scentfully LLC,

A Navy Veteran who has turned her passion for candle making into a thriving business. After separating from the service and spending 8 years as a stay-at-home mother, Elan discovered the art and science of candle making. She found great joy and passion in creating something by hand and spent the next 4 years learning and perfecting her craft. In May of 2022, she launched Scentfully, and in just one year of business, she has achieved remarkable milestones, including being featured in Season 7 of "The Blox," a show about entrepreneurship.

Elan's vision is to expand the Scentfully line to include handmade body care products and make it a trusted brand for home fragrances and personal care products. To achieve this goal, she is committed to providing high-quality products with long-lasting fragrances and exceptional user experience. As she continues to grow her business in 2023 and beyond, Elan remains dedicated to her mission of creating handcrafted products that bring joy and comfort to people's lives.